Thursday, January 8, 2015

ACNE Spring Summer

For ACNE Spring Summer 2012, Jonny Johansson started the way that he always try to work, with something current and close to him. Jonny Johansson recently took a family trip to Marakesh, as he said is a place I have always had a strange relationship with as it’s such a big fashion subject. But then I went, I saw and it kicked me. This crazy melting pot of cultures, era’s, nationalities and influences – it is kind of the way I work fashion and I started to think of how a young woman from Stockholm would interpret this amazing place.
Trying to capture these different influences ACNE worked with denim, double silk and raw edged double cotton creating a multicultural vibe. 
"I know a trip is boring but sometimes it’s what you need." Jonny Johansson.