Friday, July 30, 2010


CLASSIC DENIM, however which way worn, NEVER GOES OUT OF STYLE ..

Dree H. in a denim oxford
cutouts + cutoffs + the alexa
retro Chanel
nothing comes btwn Sharne Scott and her jeans
Mischa...when she used to be cute


enjoy :)

the brilliant JEN BRILL


in Vogue China
Balenciaga & purple

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


looks i love from topshop's fall/winter 2010 campaign

haute heels

make room next to your louboutins and jimmy choos for some killer heels from trendsetter shoe designer brian atwood.
fun, bold and extremely tall!

im in love.

Monday, July 26, 2010


LOVE, Chloé //

since hannah macgibbon's debut as the creative director at chloé with her spring 2009 rtw collection, the quintessential brand for luxury ready-to-wear has resurrected itself to be one of the most highly-coveted, it-girl commodities alongside chanel and balenciaga. there must be something in the water at chloé headquarters. from karl lagerfeld's reign in the '60s (and part of the '90s), to stella mcCartney, then pheobe philo (now, of Celine), these design legends have all gone to mayjah success since leaving their chair at chloé.

hannah brought back the modern, ladylike yet quirky separates. hannah brought back the IT bag (paddington, paraty, heloise, anyone?). hannah brought back a signature scent (eau de parfum - the first one for the house since karl). hannah now is giving us a new fragrance - LOVE, chloé.
raquel zimmermann, the muse Love, Chloé
"LOVE, Chloé is a celebration of radiant, generous, spontaneous femininity. Free and graceful movement. Contagious beauty"

hannah macgibbon's first collection for chloé (spring 2009 rtw).
cheeky separates, paperbag waisted shorts, pleated trousers, creamy colors,
and scalloped edges

at the chloé store opening party in beverly hills.
(L to R: kate bosworth, ralph toledano, chloe sevigny, and hannah)



anna dello russo, style icon who NEVER wears the same couture twice & editor-at-large at vogue nippon is releasing her very own fragrance, called BEYOND, the scent by ADR.

and what will it be like? "a GOLDEN shoe will contain a fragrance of vanilla and almonds"
perfume or not, i've never wanted to smell like a shoe until now.

to be released by christmas 2010.

who else can pull off an unlined lace dress by dolce & gabbana with red silky undergarments during fashion week? the one and only, ADR.

and now, a few words from ANNA:

what is the biggest challenge facing fashion editors?

"To not get old! Fashion keeps me young and keeps my eyes fresh. I have to update myself every morning. I'm so curious about all the visionary phenomena that changes the contemporary scenario. I call myself "the vestal of fashion" because for me fashion is a muse and you must seduce her. How? You have to feed the creative fire so it doesn't vanish." -- ADR

i am inspired. ..

Sunday, July 25, 2010


these pictures & dresses are so pretty. .. that's all i'm sayin!

Saturday, July 24, 2010


photos from my camera.

have a lovely weekend. im off to a much needed mini vacay with the girls.

Friday, July 23, 2010


i had no idea this was even in the works, let alone going to release in Harlem, NY this sunday!!!dolce vita, a shoelover favorite, has joined the ranks of liberty of london, rodarte, zac posen, and cynthia vincent, to create a wallet-friendly collection of boots & shoes exclusively for target. after doing a little research on this, looks like this info was released late july, also noting that the collection will eventually release to the rest of us non-new yorkers on Aug. 22. (ladies, mark your calendars)

as a dolce vita fan, i couldn't help but notice the vast similarity the grey studded oxfords (above, for $29.95) had with one i've seen a few months ago. (below) is the actual Dolce Vita Fallon oxford for..wait for it..$139.95!!! cheapy oxfords, get here already!
and while i am on the subject of target collabs, it has also been brought to my attention that london-based MULBERRY will also be doing a sweet little collection exclusively for target. first thing that popped into my mind? THE ALEXA (eponymous for alexa chung, $1,195). i really really really hope they design a cost conscious version. really hope so. guess we'll just have to wait for some photos to release, or until it hits stores and Oct. 10!

alexa with her alexa

Thursday, July 22, 2010

SHEARLING, sure thing.

i was inspired by all the shearling in my last post about j.crew's fall campaign and decided to compile a few random shearlingized thangs i'm lustin over...

as far as trend reporting goes, i am pretty confident that this particular one will be on everyone's radar come fall..

LAMIXX SHEARLING JACKET: i completely adore this piece. oversized collar, warm, and no fuss zippers or buttons. just throw on and GO. (on my must list)
i am truly, madly, deeply TORN over which one of these j. campbells to get to add to my repertoire of wooden heeled platforms. the LITA is so slick and paired with some over the knee socks, some cuffed shorts, a simple tee, and a blazer, i know the outfit would be pretty amazing. but then here we have the DENMARK. i don't know if its the cuffed shearling, the studs, or the wooden heel, or maybe all of the above, but i know for sure that if i don't have these for fall/winter, i will be doomed. what to do, what to do..? help! (solestruck, you got me good)
massive shearling collar worn by Emily DiDonato on the cover of Numero, August 2010
a jak&jil-spotted shearling'ed burberry bomber
liu wen working the shearling

J. CREW: faux real?

j.crew is the epitome of all-american style. and for the past decade or so, i never really regarded it as one of my top favorite brands/stores while wandering around scp. but, after awing through their latest fall 2010 lookbook i think i am a convert. it's still all-american, but with an (oliver) twist. a touch of faux fur here, some shearling there, a splatter of pins and brooches, knee high socks, and semi-tailored shorts and blazers have got me smitten! i'm so inspired to layer, layer, layer! and as always...canNOT wait for fall*.

*fall = visiting my loves eric + steven @ their new UWS apartment in nyc!!! so happy for them. so bittersweet. but like our fortune teller in san fran said...i'll be in ny..eventually.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

oh drew

waiting at the grocery checkout, my eyes stumbled and grew fixated on elle's august issue. i dont know what it is; maybe her skin tight strapless, or those hypnotizing smokey eyes or perhaps her effortlessly perfectly touseled hair or those killer bracelets (adding them to my list as we speak)..whatever it is, drew barrymore looks timeless.

"I`m not insecure. I`ve been through way too much fucking shit to be insecure. I`ve got huge balls. But I`ve been humbled. That makes you grateful for every day you have." - d.b.

beautiful. intellegent. successful. independent. my type of gal