Wednesday, April 27, 2011

home is wherever i'm with you

in about twenty-four hours i will be back home, in Orange County, visiting my beloved family & friends, and for my big sister SOPHIA'S ENGAGEMENT PARTAYYY. i've kind of been waiting for this day since the day i realized i was going to be living in nyc, after landing my job at 3.1 phillip lim...and then soon after landing my internship at nylon.

a lot can happen in two months apparently. i settled into a cozy nest that my three boyfriends/roommates built on the UWS; found my home-away-from-home-away-from home in SoHo -- the 3.1 phillip lim store and the nylon offices so happen to be one block away from each other. how convenient right?

i snapped a few pictures of each of my spots, so i can show you around to my new zip code. i'm definitely in love with the city and my new life here, but honestly...

home (orange county) is where the heart really is.

daily reminders
view of our movie theatre/dining room/dance stage/my bedroom
etienne the artist
oh you mother chucker

morning shower schedule. i love my roommates!

[the JOB]
i love my cow dress!


greene between prince & spring
office space
the hollywood issue/my first issue!
a small proud moment. :)

  i'll be documenting my OC vacay and will be posting photos of all the FOOD & FESTIVITIES right here on THC as soon as I get back to new york. Til then, I'm going to try oh so hard to not touch my computer/iphone/any means of internet access whilst I am away. It is a VACATION. but most likely I'll break because not being up-to-date with the news (all your blogs) gives me major anxiety. We'll see how this all goes. Until then...xoxo ANNA    

The Wedding March - 1950 - From This Day Forward

I keep looking at these brides and think of my Mom, who was married in the early fifties. These were some high standards to meet, but I think those brides were really good at meeting standards...they were expected to be picture perfect, they were to furnish their homes with the sterling silver they received, the Groom was to be tall and well off, it was a good idea to have a couple of good looking friends or sisters to be bridesmaids, and the wedding should be held in a suitably impressive location. And you weren't suppose to need valium for a couple of years!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


i want these.
for a profound $1295 (that's without the studs) you can cop these beautifully badass boots.
the cutouts make for good ventilation for spring, and an excuse to stock up on some colorful socks!

The Wedding March - 1950 - Bridal Drama

I am looking at these trains...they are amazing. But I wonder why they stayed in fashion for weddings long after they were worn "everyday"? I am guessing it was to distinguish these dresses from any others...this was not going to show up at the grocery store. But there are several fashion historians out there, some of whom might even read this blog. So what are some of the reasons wedding dresses look they way they do?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Wedding March - 1950 - Lace Loveliness

This group includes a rare groom sighting. Those guys weren't very important in the overall scheme of things. Back then it was all about her, the dress and the cake.
(Let's forget about Bridezillas, Say Yes To The Dress, and all those Cake shows- we've come a long way baby.)

Monday, April 18, 2011

The Wedding March - 1950 - Satin and Lace

I'm back with a charming look at "The Wedding March" -"A Guide for the California Bride", published in 1950 and sent out to brides-to-be "upon announcement of engagement in Southern California". It's a large glossy magazine all in black and white, but it gives us a glimpse of the lush gowns these gals had to choose from.

More to come....

Wednesday, April 13, 2011



the PS pouchette & scallops
spikes & bangles over a balenciaga skirt

hérmes + buddha beads
freja says f l o a t
the 3.1 phillip lim suit
rainbow brite
"and can you tell me what you're wearing?"
fashion gives you wiiings!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

the NEW

it's typical to see sophia and i with a Bbag or chloe dangling heavily on our arms on a daily basis -- they're practically a part of our uniform. but on occasion, we'll come across something new and shiny to give our leather goods collection a little more variety.

it's pretty much spring here in new york (not sure about the weather in california, but we just had 80degree weather here yesterday in the city. yay!); and although today it's raining, the residual spring fever we had from yesterday's sunny skies left me in the mood to shop for the new season.

new shapes + new colors + a new love for 3.1 phillip lim = our LEATHER LUST LIST.

the PROENZA SCHOULER PS1 & PS2 bags have been on the shoulders & arms of every fashionable woman in town. it's about time they came out with an accompanying WALLET. behold, the PS1 CONTINENTAL ($585) -- the insides are almost identical to the insides of my balenciaga giant money wallet, making this Continental an easy transition.

i'd normally never care to write/review anything by LV, but per Sophia's request and her OCCASIONAL likeness to Louis clutches, I guess this Petillante clutch will have to just do. it's a pretty red and i like that it folds -- reminds me of the Balenciaga envelope.
Fendi did an amazing thing with colorblocking this season. from those Fantasia platforms to this perfectly small handbag, I think Fendi has definitely stepped up their handbag game from that hideous stint with the Spy.
no, I will not be writing about the Alexander Wang Rocco -- overweight and overplayed, that studded  bag of impracticality needs no more publicity. so let me direct over to the AW Marion Swing with rose gold hardware ($650). clean, classic lines with a hint of that Wang attitude with the roughened up edges, i love the simplicity, size, and long crossbody strap. this also comes in black, but white is so appropriate for spring!
the 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli handbag is at the top of the covet list since this photo of Barney's VP fashion director Amanda Brooks was featured on the Garance Doré blog a few weeks ago. for those interested, you can pre-order your bags at either the New York or LA 3.1 flagships. but good luck -- they're going fast!

this is just the tip of the iceberg of thing's i'd like to have in my possession -- but nevertheless, i'll take one of everything, please!

...a girl can only dream.