Tuesday, February 23, 2010


un: French for "one".

first thing's first, we would like to introduce ourselves. we are two sisters from lovely orange county, who grew up living and breathing fashion. and this is all thanks to our incredibly stylish, timelessly chic, haute petite mom, Joline. before she carried around a diaper bag, she toted around her Chanel 2.55's with matching 2-piece tweed skirt suits. now she reminisces as she stares lovingly into her collection of Kellys and Birkins...but more on that later.

South Coast Plaza was always the destination for family time, where I, Anna, fell in love with clothes!clothes!clothes! (no, I am not that spoiled). Sophia, the elder of us two, lead the way into Contempo Casuals and Nordstrom, and as the stores and trends changed over the years, Sophia and I stayed faithful to our LOVE - shopping.

with well over a decade of trend spotting, sample-sale'ing, bag collecting, and vintage finding, Sophia and I are happy to now find a place where we can openly talk about our addictions to the world. although Sophia and I have less than similar styles (you'll notice clearly that Sophia is sophisticated sass, as I am comfy chic), the one thing we have in common is GOOD TASTE, thank you very much.

so come by when you need some inspiration from photos of whatwewear daily, or for exclusive sneak peeks at the couture we're going to post on eBay, or to read up on what we think is the next HAUTE COMMODITY.


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