Wednesday, March 31, 2010

the handsome men's club: part 1

just because.


photos via jak&jil

coocoo for coco

 coco rocha by chris nicholls for FLARE april 2010. [via fashiongonerogue

i just watched r.j. cutler's the september issue for the third time and i am still in awe of how brilliant grace coddington is. in the words of anna wintour, she is truly a genius. this spread of coco rocha for flare just reminded me of grace's editorial on block coloring for vogue's september 07 issue. i wish my mom kept that phonebook of a magazine. a collector's item, for sure.

Monday, March 29, 2010


i decided to do something with my day and did an impromptu/amateur photo shoot with mademoiselle linh (of sarapluslinh) to post on our blogs (a pic of me below and linh's to come..) i'm thinking if all these other fabulous girls can do what they love - wear beautiful clothes, write about beautiful clothes, and take pictures of beautiful clothes - then i sure as hell can do it too! so here i am, very impressed with my mad terry richardson skillz (minus the creeper modelizer thing he has goin on) and i really believe this is something i can get better at and hopefully gain more recognition with. i may be ranting, but as a very seasoned intern for pr and journalism, i feel motivated to do something with what i'm good at - writing, trend spotting, and loving fashion. 

my love once told me to do what i love, and i will love what i do. so here it is. <3

chloe sevigny featured in elle uk's april '10 issue. perfection.

crochet bodysuit: thelake&stars
shorts: f21
cardigan: vintage Missoni
clogs: jeffrey campbell woodies
flower "samantha jones" ring: urbanoutfitters

Sunday, March 28, 2010

anna bananas

madame anna wintour, editor-in-chief of vogue america & madame anna dello russo, editor-at-large of vogue nippon are a couple of the most powerful women in the fashion industry. fierce, smart, bold & beautiful - all ANNAs are alike right? goal: work for VOGUE. 

** dear anyone from condenast: if you are hiring, HOLLA!!!

photos via jak&jil


mko is probably my numero uno style inspiration and it's so obvious why. just look at her fur. this girl can pull anything off - from bulky coats to lacey vintage gowns to brownish grey lipstick to balenciaga mega booties. effortless as always & i like it that way. 

parlez vous francais?

vanessa paradis (aka mrs. depp) has been the first and only face for Chanel's coco parfum since '92. then lent her lips for the new line of lusciously puckerlicious lipsticks,rouge coco. and now after lily allen was bumped from being coco cocoon's  girl, vanessa was the obvious choice to be her replacement. 

if you watch the commercial for rouge coco, notice the throwback she gives to her coco parfum commercial when she whistles during the song. so subtle, but very sweet. 

i also threw in the interview she did after the Chanel fall/winter '10 show because i love the sound of french. there's a certain je ne sais quoi about it, and of course it reminds me of my trips to PARIS <3 one day, i shall learn the language. until then, english subtitles will do just fine. 

Thursday, March 25, 2010

elsewhere..but here

same time last year i was far far away from here. asia to be exact. excessive shopping, curiously eating (i didnt have the guts to try any insects though) and blissfully relaxing in beautiful hong kong, bangkok and vietnam.

siiigh..i need to get away again. preferably out of the country. PRONTO!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

brass knuckles

such a lover of accessories (nowadays, the bigger the bulkier the heavier the better) i instantly fell in love with this brass knuckle ring designed by the late great mr. alexander mcqueen. in my treasure chest(s) of accessories, i've collected quite a few two-finger rings. the latest..and my most favorite is my custom made gold name ring i ordered for myself and the little sis for christmas last year. this mcqueen would be a fabulous addition to my collection don't you think?

Monday, March 22, 2010

mother dearest

sunglasses: chrome hearts
cardigan: tory burch
jeans: AG
watch: cartier
wedges: sergio rossi
bag: Hermes

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

foxy lady

america's next top [petite] model winner nicole fox was my favorite from the beginning! i was so happy she won and even happier that she landed wildfox's new campaign. here she is in all her redhead 'fro glory as one of the three wickedly witches of this wildfox story. 

i want every piece!

photos from nana in wonderland :)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Richie Rich

TONIGHT --> going to the taping of JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE! with special guest, Nicole Richie. hers is maybe one of the top 10 closets I'd like to raid. 

picture: from the march issue of Marie Claire, UK

Today I am feeling.. INSPIRED.

i always had a feeling that OC was asian owned!! or at least i think one of them is asian. anyways...these two started off with 10G's in their pocket and another 10G's loaned by the bank..then VOILA! a nice little boutique in soho. i love how they said "we just didn't want to do any we opened up a place where we and our friends can hang out and we can travel everywhere." hmm. what a great idea. thehautecommodity store?!?! only time will tell :)

video from refinery29.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

not so behind-the-scenes

Mr. Viktor and Mr. Rolf decided to change things up a bit during their Fall 2010 show by styling their models ON STAGE!

Monday, March 8, 2010

a very special preview

let me introduce you to some of our old friends...Roberto, John G., Versace, Gucci, and Donna. I'm not ready to post them up for sale on eBay yet...still trying to work out the kinks on how to photo these right, and I also want to try to style the pieces better. they may be a little outdated, but with the right hair, make-up, accessories, and SHOES, these babies will definitely get their second chance to shine. much much MUCH more to come.

guilty, as charged

guess we're all criminals..

anyway, here's a bit of an update. we're working on getting out logo and website launched! thanks a bunch to my amazing and talented girlfriend mai nguyen for designing our logo (will be posted soon). you can view her artwork here. feel free to contact her if you like her designs :)

we're also in the works of gathering some of our haute commodies which will be listed soon! you won't want to miss out on some amazing must-haves. here are some that'll keep you on your toes..miu miu pumps, develpment by philip lim dresses, jimmy choo heels and chloe handbags..oh my!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Bling Blang

this person is either: a) a mom who stole her daughter's bedazzler gun. b.) a woman who has waaay too many Birkins for her own good that she turned this one into an art project. or c.) she may be onto something...YOU decide. 

Cocktail Hour

i don't know about this Baptiste Giabiconi...he just looks like a gay(er) Chase Crawford to me. but whatever floats Karl's boat is fine with me. this is a pic from French's Numero Homme March '10 issue. courtesy of

oOoo Balmain.

puffy shoulder pads are back with a vengeance! yes, shoulder pads..and i love them! but of course with much more class and sass. thanks to BALMAIN's collection of beautiful power-shoulder fitted jackets and minidresses..i can't keep my eyes off of them! They're ridiculously expensive though (a sparkling tee can be found for $3,000), so my eyes wander for Balmain's look-alikes at a fraction of the price. Balmain's collection is powerful, edgy, ultra sexy and one-of-a-kind..all of which every woman should portray.

Friday, March 5, 2010

i found it.

ok so i am a huuuge fan of and for the longest time i've been trying to figure out what shoes MK is wearing in this picture. finally as i was putting in the right descriptive search words into eBay, i stumbled upon these holy shoes. BALENCIAGA, my darlings (surpirse, suprise!). the ones up for auction aren't in this exquisite dark blue, but in an equally beautiful olive MY SIZE. i'll be taking donations to the Anna's Balenciaga Fund starting now. thanks!

I've got issues.

..magazine issues, that is. every first of the month, i'd take my traditional trip to the nearest Barnes&Noble, order my tall soy hazelnut latte extra hot from Starbucks, and stack up on all the new issues of the month. but as of late, my frequency has dwindled for some reason so i have resulted to clicking around,,, etc. to get my fashion fix. i think i should think of finally putting those little paper magazine subscription inserts to some use. how to choose?!

Thursday, March 4, 2010


where are the wild things? right here at Topshop's fall'10 show.

who's got the BLUES?

yes, I know that fashion week is ALREADY onto Winter '10...but I can't ever over this denim on denim look courtesy of Chloe's spring '10 collection. so cowboy chic.


kirsten dunst looking ever so lovely on the cover of one of my favorite mags, V.