Thursday, March 22, 2012

Mysterious Miss

Its been a long time,
Where have you been?
Awaiting a word, Missing a chime,
It seems to be a lifetime.

Where is my Miss Regal,
Shining on the runway?
Where did you vanish angel,
I miss you everyday.

Dazzling beyond midnight,
Is the alluring tigress.
A bright ray of sunlight,
Is the charming empress.

You will conquer the world,
Supreme is your glow.
Your dreams will rise and swirl,
You are a numero uno.

Dazzling is the Diva,
Enticing is your Aura.
You are a Prima Donna,
Lustrous Miss, Enamoring Delilah.

Without you, 
My life is amiss.
I adore thou,
Miss Divine Bliss.

May you always be a gal glamorous,
May you hold the world breathless.
Without you, something is amiss,
Come back soon, my Mysterious Miss.

P.S. This is for You.