Monday, November 15, 2010


The Hermès Collier de Chien bracelet has been on the wrists of the most fashionable elite for some time now. And ever since my first visit to Hermès with my mom, I have always had my eye on that massively bulky, studded leather cuff (actually, all their leather bracelets are pretty to die for). I can't really say that I'd ever expect it to be an Hermès signature though – designed in the 1940s – because it looks so edgy, modern, and quite current given that it was first designed over 60 years ago! Collier de Chien is simply French for "dog collar": appropriately humorous for such a serious brand. 

It comes in all sorts of colors, is always a part of the runway at every season's shows, and has become a part of the Fashion Week uniform (alongside either a Balenciaga, Chloe, or Wang bag, liquid leggings, Louboutins, and Ray Ban aviators). 

The ever-so-chic Kate Lanphear (senior style director at Elle mag) is always seen sporting her collection, as is Rachel Zoe, among other celebrities. If I were to own one, it'd be in black (or maybe even taupe!) calfskin with gold hardware. Simple, fabulous, and would go with just about everything I own. 
Oh, to dream.

But since the humble $1,025 price tag on this baby is a tad out of reach right now, I'm guessing the next best thing is to MAKE MY OWN. yeah. make. I was reading through Caroline's Mode when I stumbled across this DIY template for a PAPER COLLIER DE CHIEN: a few traces here, a few snips with scissors there, a dab of glue here and here, and you've got yourself one affordable cuff! I will definitely be trying this myself. And if I succeed, I will most definitely be making some friendship Hermès paper cuffs. Take a look at these templates to get some ideas on how you can decorate them to make it your own. I'm so excited to try this!  

from the runway
can you spot the real one?

art project!

* if any of you try this, please send photos. i wanna see!

happy cutting&gluing!